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5 Unique Promotional Products To Market Your Business

5 Unique Promotional Products To Market Your Business

Market your brand more effectively and sell more with these Australian promotional products

We all know how it can go when given a promotional product by a brand. If it’s a good pen, it might last in our desk for years, or if we’re a little luckier, a magnet that stays on our fridge. When it comes to finding promotional products that stand out from the rest, it can seem like a challenge, even for those getting gifted the item. For businesses, it can be even trickier trying to find new and interesting ways to captivate our clients, create good relationships with them, all whilst making sure the products we use have a lasting impression and are good quality. Stress no longer, because with our list of 5 unique promotional products, you will find your next marketing material in no time.

1. Headwear & Hats

Personalised caps are certainly a staple personalised marketing item, and our range are sure great, but have you considered alternative headwear? A string straw hat might be the perfect promotional product for your summer-based business, or a beanie for those needing a warmer option.

Our Acrylic Beanie with PomPom comes in three different colours, allowing you to match your branding perfectly. Get your logo or branding embroidered, and you have promotional merchandise that will be used and seen consistently throughout the colder seasons. If you’re a brand that services cooler areas (such as the snow or ski fields), this a fantastic way to get your brand out there.

2. Wooden Coasters

Coasters are also a common promotional product that businesses like to utilise – but forget the plastic or one-use coasters. At Sim Crawcour, you can choose between a dye sublimated coaster, perfect for those wanting a full colour image coaster, or a premium wooden, laser-engraved personalised coaster.

When you want a coaster with flair, you can’t go past the wooden, laser-engraved coaster. With your brand or company logo cut into the wood by our in-house design team, and our state-of-the-art laser-engraving machine, you’ll make a lasting impression with a promotional product your clients will want to use again and again.

3. Photo Frame

If you’re an experience or service-based business, your clients might be inclined to commemorate their experience with a selfie or photo. Make that experience even more special for them with a personalised photo frame.

And not just any photo frame – a long-lasting, premium frame made from wood, and engraved with your logo. Whether you’re in the tourism industry, or you want your clients to keep the memory of your work forever, or even as a corporate gift, a photo frame might be the perfect unique choice for your business.

4. Apron & Tea Towels

Your foodie loving clients will always remember you when you gift them something for the kitchen. Forget the mugs, it’s time to branch out and get them cooking. Whether you opt for a tea towel, or maybe a personalised apron, these unique products that will be used a lot might just be perfect for your food-based business.

Our tea towels are 100% cotton and have enough space to let you print custom designs, or simply have a logo or brand name. Direct to garment printing is available for our tea towels, giving you a variety of colour and style options to make them uniquely yours.

5. Polar Fleece Blanket

Are you a sponsor for an event? Have a buyer who just moved into their new house and you’d like to give them something extra? Or just want to leave a lasting impression? Personalised blankets make a truly unique personalised promotional product.

Keep clients warm with our custom Polar Fleece Blanket. With three different colours to choose from, you can get your logo or branding image embroidered or digitally printed onto your own blankets. Blankets are a practical, and reusable promotional product, which is always so important when creating marketing merchandise that ensure your brand is remembered.

The most important thing when finding the right promotional product for your business is that it fits into your messaging and is how you want to be seen. Finding lasting, unique and high quality promotional products doesn’t need to be difficult, and promotional products certainly don’t need to be boring. Find your next favourite promotional item at Sim Crawcour.

Whether you’re after a promotional product for your business, event, or as a corporate gift, Sim Crawcour has the item for you – if not, let us source an item to your specific requirements at the very best price. From unique and fashionable personalised, promotional products, to simple products that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Contact us today to arrange a quote for your custom promotional gifts, or view our range here.

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