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About Us

Australia and New Zealand’s Leading Wholesale Supplier of Custom Products to the Promotional, Corporate and Souvenir Market

 Sim Crawcour Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier of customised products, supplying a wide variety of customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Our warehouse is located in Kings Meadows, Tasmania where we print, embroider, laser engrave, all in house, giving us great quality control with a fast turnaround of orders. All items are designed on site with our in-house art department which give you, our customer, maximised flexibility of design. 

Our product range includes a wide variety of clothing, drink ware, pens, magnets and much more under the exclusive “Southern Habitat” branding.


Family Owned and Operated for Over 90 Years


The company, Sim Crawcour Pty Ltd has been in business for almost 100 years and was named after its original owner Simon Crawcour, back in the mid-1920s.
The origins of the business were mainly as a manufacturer’s agent, selling items as diverse as clothing and jewellery to retail shops in Tasmania.
In the early 1950s Mr Crawcour’s son-in-law, John Sandor, entered the business and saw opportunity in direct importing for the general and souvenir retail trade.
In 1983, Peter Sandor, John Sandor’s son, commenced his working career at Sim Crawcour Pty Ltd and ran the company as General Manager for 35 years prior to becoming Managing Director.
During the period from 1983 to present, the business model went through further direction changes and began selling ranges exclusively designed and produced for major retail souvenir outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand.
This insightful approach, with a mix of exclusive items and uniquely customised artwork, has seen the business continue to flourish even in some of the harshest retail environments.



 The Business Today

  • Our total warehouse space is 2000m2
  • Sim Crawcour Pty Ltd deals with customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our sales team is backed up by one the best design teams in the business.
  • We work very closely with our customers to ensure that the products selected will work and sell successfully.
  • We place an enormous amount of effort in making sure that the product, presentation and price are right.
  • Our office uses state-of-the-art technology and produces both digital and dye sublimation printing, embroidery and laser engraving products in house.
  • Our relationships with our suppliers are second to none. We have our own quality control people who ensure our products are of the highest quality.